We're Having A Fallow Year...!

Festival of Sound has been postponed for 2019 – our planning has now shifted to the 2020 show.

FOS2018 was a resounding success, with visitor numbers up 25% on the previous year. However, circumstances are not favourable for 2019, so we invite all audio brands, performers, and music-loving visitors to join us in creating an even better event in 2020.


We, the organisers of Festival of Sound, the ground-breaking music and audio show, are declaring 2019 a "fallow year" and postponing the event in the face of the ongoing economic and political uncertainty in the country, and the directives of global organisations which are affecting many companies’ budgets in the UK.

The concept of Festival of Sound is bigger than the resources currently available in these tough economic times, so we have taken the regrettable but logical decision to postpone the next show, to give the country, economy and industry time to recover and find its new path forwards.

Our decision in no way diminishes the success of the event. The show format has shaken the consumer audio industry, which has repeatedly expressed a desire for something different and a break from the usual hi-fi format. Festival of Sound succeeded in its objective of bringing new people into the world of audio – its guiding principle.

The increase in visitor numbers and profile of our audience, which featured a diverse demographic and a more even gender balance, with family groups, younger people and music fans, proves that there remains a place for a show like this. It is also the reason why the wider media have taken interest in the event, with broadcasters including SKY attending and many hundreds of pieces of media coverage having been obtained – more so than any other audio show in the UK.

Our plans have now shifted for the event to take place in 2020, once the political and economic outlook for the country has been settled, and business and consumer confidence levels return to a healthier state.

We are committed to the format forged by the Festival of Sound as a music and audio show, bringing together the three Ps of Performance, Production and Playback – taking the visitor on a musical journey.

2020 show planning is well advanced, with a roster of top-level musicians lined up and numerous guest speakers from the world of audio production, music history and technology already committed. 2019 was shaping-up to be stronger, more educational, entertaining and informative than ever, and we are overjoyed that these names will be held over for the 2020 event.

Thank you to everyone who supported the first six years, from the Headroom™ Show that ran for three years, two instances of the Indulgence Show and of course the Festival of Sound itself.

It is comforting to know that the concept we have brought to the industry has been mirrored in other established events, proving there is an understanding of the importance of exposing audio to a wider music-focused audience. We’ll be working hard over the coming months to plan the 2020 event and look forward to making some big announcements soon.

Festival of Sound will return…

More information
Should you wish to contact us regarding this announcement, either for participation in 2020, or to offer suggestions & improvements to the show itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Email: info@festivalofsound.co.uk
Telephone: +44(0)208 336 0820