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Looking To The Future

Festival of Sound 2019-2022 did not take place. Initially this was due to the effects of Brexit on our industry, then of course the ongoing effects of the global Coronavirus pandemic. In 2023 we see our industry recovering, however we are not yet in a position to run another large show.

FOS2018 was a resounding success, with visitor numbers up 25% on the previous year. Since then it has always been our intention was to invite all audio brands, performers, and music-loving visitors to join us in creating an even better event, then Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic happened.


The ground-breaking music and audio show Festival of Sound has sadly been postponed since 2019 in the face of ongoing issues impacting our country. We remained ever hopeful of organising a 2023 event, however it is clear that returning directly to a full-scale large show after a five-year break would be a leap too far.

The concept of Festival of Sound involves people coming together to experience and enjoy the best in live music and premium audio products. It has been wonderful to see several large music festivals and audio shows successfully returning this year, and we hope to be amongst their number very soon.

The consumer audio industry has repeatedly expressed a desire for something different and a break from the usual hi-fi format. Festival of Sound succeeded in this objective, bringing new people and a younger audience into the world of high-end audio - and we remain true to this guiding principle.

Planning has now shifted to smaller events, in the hope of building up to a large-scale future show.

We are committed to the format forged by the Festival of Sound as a music and audio show, bringing together the three Ps of Performance, Production and Playback - taking the visitor on a truly wonderful musical journey.

Thank you to everyone who supported our first six years, from the Headroomâ„¢ Show that ran for three years, two instances of the Indulgence Show and of course the Festival of Sound itself.

Festival of Sound will return...

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Should you wish to contact us regarding this announcement, either for participation, or to offer suggestions & improvements to the show itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Email: info@festivalofsound.co.uk
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