The Indulgence Show 2017 marks the UK debut of the Silver Series (6th Generation) from Monitor Audio in D15 Libourne on the 2nd floor.  Introducing ground-breaking design throughout, this new series has been developed to provide a wider appeal to audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts, delivering a characteristic ‘family sound’ while elevating performance to a bigger, more dynamic new level as the range increases in size from Silver 50 to Silver 500.

Two new centre speakers enable discreet, stylish or large, powerful home theatre systems to be assembled, providing greater flexibility.  The super slim Silver 50 and Silver 200 are more compact models, providing a more attractive proposition for modern living spaces, yet delivering the same kind of performance expected from much larger speakers.  They can be combined with the complementary compact Silver C150 centre speaker, which is tonally matched and visually discreet to form a compact high-performance multi-channel system.  The larger Silver C350 centre now provides the ability to create a no compromise home theatre system, based around the Silver 100, Silver 300 or Silver 500 models.

The trickle-down technology from Platinum and DCF filter (driver build-ring) improves the Silver Series’ drivers high-frequency ensuring a smoother roll off.  Fewer harmonics and less distortion break through in the sound where it’s not needed.  There is more detail overall, particularly in the higher frequencies, and notes have precise edges with no harshness.  The completely new drivers and tweeter are optimised to deliver lower distortion, resulting in a cleaner presentation, and improved magnetic efficiency.  The bass is better damped and this is particularly notable on the Silver 50 and Silver 200, which can be situated close to a wall with very little compromise.

Embracing the latest research from the National Physical Laboratory, Monitor Audio has used a scientific approach to deliver its cabinet-bracing design coupled with precision laser measurement equipment to help identify resonance nodes in cabinets, allowing the manufacturer to position internal bracing precisely.  This ensures the handcrafted cabinet is more rigid at critical positions.

The higher impedance and optimised crossover networks are easier to drive and partner, delivering models that are all 8 ohms.  The new 25mm C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) featuring vented Neo magnet system is optimised for lower distortion and cleaner sounding highs.  Diaphragm rigidity and lower distortion are also achieved through the RST Cone profile, while the cast polymer driver chassis design improves the models’ rigidity and damping characteristics.  HiVe II port technology, located on the back of the cabinets to provide a clean visual presentation from the front, improves the transient response and produces a tighter bass due to smoother airflow. The high-quality crossovers utilise premium grade, bespoke polypropylene film capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel core inductors to maximise signal transfer and zero distortion.

The new Silver Series (6th Generation) is available in selected premium quality wood veneers:  Black Oak, Walnut, Rosenut and Natural Oak, and in high gloss Black lacquer and Satin White finishes.

See Monitor Audio in D15 Libourne on the 2nd floor