Smart audio & voice software company to demonstrate capabilities at London luxury audio show

Audiogum UK Ltd, a tech company specialising in audio and voice software solutions, has announced that they will be promoting the Audiogum Platform and Services at the Festival of Sound in London on 28th Sept 2018. Forward-looking businesses who want their audio products to be smart will be able to talk to Audiogum experts at their stand in Cremant Hall, 1st Floor Champagne Terrace, Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Fresh from their international debut at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Audiogum continues to attract the attention of consumer electronics partners globally with their innovative approach to smart audio & voice.

“Following our success with clients like Libratone and Dynaudio, we’re excited to expand our reach to other audio partners who are looking for a smart way to differentiate their products and services,” said COO Mark Boyes. “This event marks a fantastic point in our growth trajectory – we can’t wait to show the rest of the consumer electronics world what we can do.”

CTO Steve Robbins is looking forward to showcasing the unique Audiogum platform: “We are a one-stop shop for audio manufacturers, offering a flexible modular SaaS platform. Whether you want voice control, personalisation, recommendations, content service integration, account management, bespoke app development, or a mix of it all – we make it easy for you. It’s all about making the audio & voice experience better for the end user.”

Festival of Sound will be Audiogum’s first UK trade show and offers UK businesses the chance to see Audiogum’s capabilities first hand, alongside the world’s best home and portable audio entertainment solutions.

About Audiogum UK, Ltd

Audiogum UK, Ltd is a software company based in Bristol, UK. Founded in 2016, Audiogum has established itself as a go-to company for the provision of Smart Audio & Voice services, launching with several established audio companies.

Audiogum specialisesin premium software solutions for audio device manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and streaming services. They offer a flexible selection of solutions to enrich the user experience of audio products, including:

  • Bespoke Voice Control
  • Content Recommendations & PersonalisationEngine
  • User & Device Analytics
  • User Account Management & Secure Data Hosting
  • Custom Branded Apps
  • Hardware & Services Integrations

Audiogum’s approach is to give consumers the best possible experience, by enabling them to listen to the audio content they love, quickly and elegantly.