For the first time, we will be demonstrating the new anniversary Beatles White Album on test pressings.

Just like the anniversary Sgt. Pepper album, we will run through all the nitty gritty of this new release.

We will also be talking about the unique ½ speed mastering technique and the impact of it on some of the best sounding reissues to emerge in the last few years.

 We will discuss this technique and demonstrate the remarkable results on the Vertere Reference system.

From The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Queen, Rolling Stones and many more..!

Miles Showell, who was responsible for ½ speed mastering and cutting of all three Vertere Label Release vinyls, will be with us.

CAEZAR 12” ‘The Prayer’ EP & ‘TIME’ album

Elles Spring ‘REVEAL’ album

He will make demonstrations and comparisons of these astounding recordings using the original Acetates, Test Pressings and final production vinyl.