3 Square Audio

Area: Audio
Room: Bedroom 3006
Floor: 3rd Floor Bedroom
Country: UK
Company: 3 Square Audio
Loudspeaker specialist. Also manufacture bespoke equipment supports in Baltic Birch ply Loudspeakers that maintain time and phase coherence in recorded music. Bespoke equipment supports in Baltic Birch ply.
Contact Details: 3squareaudio@gmail.com
Website: 3squareaudio.com

3 Square Audio. Loudspeaker specialist utilising 1st order crossover filters to maintain phase and time coherence in recorded music.

Our loudspeaker enclosures are hand crafted using Baltic Birch plywood to maximise sound performance and add a beautiful tactile product to your living space.

We also use Baltic Birch plywood to create bespoke storage and support racks for your audio and video equipment.

Please visit us to see and hear speakers of outstanding natural music presentation coupled to the beauty of Baltic Birch plywood.