Exceptional Speakers for Home and Studio

Room: 10 / 14
Floor: Third Floor - Bedrooms
Country: Finland
Distributor: Auden Distribution
Company Details:
Vitostie 1864
70800 Kuopio
Contact Details:
+358 17 2882 100

Since 1998 Amphion has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers, which are insensitive to problems of room acoustics. Innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion enable you to hear more of your music, and less of your room.


To maximize your enjoyment Amphion actually gives you three loudspeakers in one.  The highly advanced acoustical engineering leads into:

  • Perfect nearfield performance in studio or your computer
  • Wide and even listening area for enjoying a music concert or a movie with friends
  • Multiroom-filing live-like sound to be enjoyed in the background

This is unique. This is evolutionary. This guarantees that you will enjoy your speakers however you end up using them.

Making pure natural sound part of your daily life

Pure sound should be part of everyday life. To achieve this, loudspeakers must become part of home´s interior. We at Amphion do everything we can to achieve this – everything except compromise on sound quality.

Turn the volume down – and still hear everything

The demands of daily life often leave only the “after-hours” to calm down. Hearing unstressed natural sound becomes exceedingly important.

Amphion´s clarity and unrivalled speech intelligibility remain unchanged even at lowest listening levels. This ensures you are not bothering others during your late night movie or music sessions.

Pure and unstrained low-level reproduction allows you to enjoy the high quality audio signals present in normal TV and radio programs.