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Area: Audio London
Room: D14 Lussac & D3 Fronsac
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: UK
Company Details:
The West Wing,
Stirling House,
CB25 9QE
Contact Details:
01223 203200

ARCAM of Cambridge will be demonstrating the rPlay the latest addition to the rSeries range. This compact device allows you to add network audio streaming services to any audio system using DTS Play-Fi®, Apple Airplay® or UPnP enabled music sources. DTS Play-Fi® supports high resolution audio – 24bit/192kHz from both wired and wireless networks. DTS Play-Fi® provides multi-room audio streaming from the world’s most popular music services including Spotify, Tidal, Deezer & Qobuz as well as thousands of internet radio stations!



ARCAM has a reputation of manufacturing the finest home cinema equipment available anywhere. Join us in the FRONSAC D3 suite for ARCAM’s Cinema of Cinematic Excellence and you will be immersed in an entertainment experience that will make you appreciate the magic that happens when you combine ultra-high definition audio with ultra-high definition video. ARCAM engineers have created a range of the finest amplifiers available today. You’ll be able to hear the magnificent AV860 UHD processor in combination with ARCAM’s Class G power amplifiers. Also on demonstration will be the incredible range of KEF Reference speakers along with the finest Chord Company Cables.