Room: D10 Pomerol
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: UK

When Audiolab launched the now-iconic 8000A in 1983, it swiftly became Britain’s favourite ‘step-up’ from the budget amps of the time. 25 years on and the company repeats the feat: the new 6000A is the ideal amp for modern music lovers seeking premium-level performance, build and facilities at an affordable price.

From digital streaming to the vinyl revival, the 6000A has it covered. An integrated 32-bit DAC enables four digital inputs, as well as aptX Bluetooth, while four analogue inputs include an MM phono stage for turntables.

For CD playback, the 6000A’s perfect partner is the 6000CDT – a CD transport tailor-made to deliver sensational sound in tandem with Audiolab’s new amp. Visitors to Festival of Sound can experience both products on public demonstration for the very first time.

Speakers for the demo are provided by Audiolab’s sister company, Wharfedale, who’s latest low-cost, high-performance speaker range provides another ‘first’ for the Festival of Sound. Together, they’re a match made in sonic heaven – classic British hi-fi for the modern age.