The Sound of Innovation with Cutting Edge Technologies

Area: Audio London / headroom™
Room: Auralic - Cremant (Mezzanine)
Room: G2 Show Debut - D1 - St Julien (2nd Floor)
Country: China
On Demonstation:
G2 Vega Streaming DAC
Aries G2 Streaming Transporter
Contact Details:
01252 759285
Ultimate Stream: Ultimate Stream

Auralic has been creating quite a buzz in the UK over the last twelve months with its innovative, exceptionally high-performance products, which are available across the UK from leading specialist independent retailers. The new G2 series Vega DAC and G2 Aries Streamer make their debut for the first time in the UK at the show, together with the award-winning Aries Mini, Altair Streaming DAC and Polaris all-in-one streaming amplifier.

Two of the four highly anticipated new G2 Series products will be on demonstration each day in D1 – St Julien at 11.15am & 3.15pm and will feature during an Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pm.