Area: Audio
Room: D8 Sauternes
Area: Audio London Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: UK
Company: Computer Audio Design
Contact Details:
Phone: +44 (0) 203 397 0334

Computer Audio Design is an award-winning, Hammersmith, London-based audio manufacturer dedicated to achieving the finest sound quality from computer audio sources.

The flagship CAD DAC employs resistor-ladder DAC technology, using vintage Philips TDA 1543 chips for non-fatiguing but sparkling performance.

New for 2017 will be CAD’s latest USB audio cable, featuring CAD’s patented USB filter. Scott will be on hand to demonstrate his unique Ground Control units. Cited by Roy Gregory as “indispensable” Ground Control tackles High Frequency Noise reduction on a whole different level – that of the signal ground plane and/or mains earth – with truly remarkable results.