Connected Distribution

Rooms: D7 - Graves
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: UK
Company: Connected Distribution
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Phone: 01242 511133

Cabasse, Parasound and Heed. Three of the biggest names in quality audio brought together in four systems ranging in price from £1,000 to £24,500. System 1 features the amazing and beautiful tri-axial loudspeakers, the Cabasse Baltic and Santorin 30-500 subwoofer, which are partnered with the Parasound Halo flagship amplifiers; System 2 is a complete Heed Thesis set up; System 3 sees the What Hi-Fi? 5-star reviewed Parasound Hint amplifier with Cabasse’s Murano speakers; and the Cabasse Stream AMP and Surf loudspeakers package show just how good a £1000 streaming system can sound.