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Ten reasons to take part

It’s easy to do the same things year-after-year, but like the famous saying says: If you keep doing what you did, you’ll keep getting what you got.

Festival of Sound is now effectively in it’s fifth year, and show attendance has grown annually without fail. Every year we update and adapt our production of the event, and keep reaching higher and further for the benefit of all who take part.

The show aims to push the boundaries of traditional audio shows – and it works. We promote live music, gender diversity, and family inclusion alongside awesome AV experiences, thus reaching a much larger audience.

With this in mind, please scroll down and consider these TEN REASONS why any forward-looking audio brand should consider exhibiting at the 2019 show:

Exhibit With Us | Festival Of Sound Show
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London alone has an estimated population of 8.7 million people, and a world-class transport network capable of getting visitors directly to the show. The potential number of interested visitors, and thus potential buyers, is orders of magnitude greater than other audio shows. Local advertising alone will reach thousands more people than anywhere else in the UK.

The unique conbination of music show AND audio show ensures your brand reaches far beyond the usual hi-fi demographic. Exhibitors who embrace this, and who do something outside the box, invariably report excellent engagement and uplift. Why don’t you try it?

The vast majority of the population are not audiophiles, but everyone loves music. The Festival Of Sound show offers brands a unique opportunity to engage with a much larger audience than traditional shows.

If your brand sells via retailers located ANYWHERE in or around the capital, the Festival Of Sound show is the perfect opportunity to raise your local profile and support those businesses at the customer-facing end of your retail chain – plus any advertising or promotional spend by you OR by the show will benefit all parties involved in your brand. Win!
Being part of an exciting, distinctive music & audio show hosted in the nation’s capital city – still a world-leading hub for business – can only be positive for the public perception of your brand.

The 2018 show was featured across a wide range of television, radio, online and print platforms. We have a dedicated PR company working hard to promote the show and all participating exhibitors.

Coverage included: Sky Televison, Jazz FM, London Live, Radio Oxford, Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Metro, Classic Rock, Hi-Fi World, What Hi-Fi? The Ear, HiFi Pig, MusicNGear, Louder Sound, Hi-Fi Plus, Gadgetry News, The Audiophile Man, and many more. Our 2019 coverage will be even more extensive.

As far as we are aware, the Festival Of Sound is a unique event. Whilst there are several main hi-fi shows around the world, no other show brings together such a wide-ranging variety of music-related interests under one roof (live performances, audio components, autobiographies, industry speakers, guest seminars etc) – meaning that the show appeals to a wide variety of visitors.
Festival Of Sound offers a great family day out, with drinks, food, live music and plenty of interesting things to experience. Your salespeople get to interact with entire family units and varied age groups, not just the traditional 50+ male audio aficionado. 🙂
The audio industry has a reputation for being male-dominated, and so Festival Of Sound aspires to address this important issue and thus improve the gender balance. We have reached out to Women In Music and Let’s Be The Change and are in discussions. Exhibit at the show and play a role in making things better.

The timing of the show (end of September) is the perfect opportunity to do something unique. The summer holidays are over, the Christmas rush has not yet started. Proactive brands use this period to run promotions, build customer interest, clear stock, and expand their social media presences.

Festival of Sound is an ideal event to offer deals, run demonstrations, launch new products in time for Christmas, and get a whole host of promotional assets (pictures & video) from your time at the show.

Exhibit at the show and you’ll be right at the centre of four days of varied, exciting live performances, with accommodation and catering on-hand, surrounded by the world’s best audio brands, and key industry figures. Such an amazing opportunity for networking, business, and sales, throughout the days and into the evenings, all with zero travel requirements. What’s not to like?

Interested? Let’s start a conversation – we’d love to have you on board.

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