Heed Audio

Room: D7 - Graves
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: Hungary
Heed Audio
Contact Details:
+44 (0)1242 511133

New from Heed Audio, the thesis range of electronics. A six strong line up of aesthetically minimalist products, thesis continues the Heed tradition of leaving the technical conformity behind and concentrating on the reproduction of music, to stir the emotions of listeners who are more interested in the performance than the specifications.

The new thesis preamplifier, power supply, phono preamp and power amplifiers have been designed to be the superclass of Heed products, which will put the music forth. The unconventional and almost heretical approach to circuit design taken by the engineers is far from the accepted norm, in the pursuit of a life-like sonic presentation to render the music’s full complexity, atmosphere and tension.

Thesis, for all it’s unconventional design, is no bare-bones purist creation in a home made box. It is a range of cutting edge 21st century products, using only the highest quality components and very carefully designed circuitry installed into precision engineered, “retro-futuristic”, cases of a quality normally only found in far costlier high end audio.