Area: Audio
Room: D2 - Mouton Cadet
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: UK
The Professional Monitor Company Limited,
Holme Court,
SG18 9ST
Contact Details:
PMC Marketing –
01767 686300
PMC Speakers

PMC will feature the award winning twenty5 series, from the twenty5.21 to the flagship twenty5.26. The five-strong range brings music to life, partnered with a range of astonishing, quality electronics, namely AVM, Bryston & PMC’s own cor amplifier.

AVM is the latest addition to PMC’s UK distribution portfolio and represents the finest in German audio engineering with an exquisitely, natural feel.

PMC’s in-house hand built amplifier, the cor integrated, gets its UK debut. The cor brings the company’s holistic design philosophy to high-end electronics, for the purest analogue sound.

Visit us in Mouton Cadet to hear the sound of the show.