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Following on from Supra’s 40th aniversary in 2016, we are pleased to have available some limited edition Supra LORAD 2.5 SPC Shielded Mans Cables at special show prices.  Other Supra cables are also available at the show including:  USB, Cat 7, Cat 8, co-ax digital, analogue, fibre optic, and a range of speaker cables.  We will also have available various other accessories from:  SONIC DESIGN, ART:ONE, and POWER WRAP.

New Product News (1):

Supra LoRad DC-Blocker – Removes up to 3.6 VDC from the mains power AC

Now, Supra Cables has taken yet another step to minimize the impact from malicious elements like DC (Direct Current) superimposed on the mains AC (Alternating Current) in most modern households and industries!

DC voltage derives from a number of electrical appliances and will cause an offset on to you alternating mains power. This offset is the result of electrical devices that do not equally load the AC positive and negative phase. In the ideal mains power supply there should be no DC-offset at all.

Available: Winter 2017 (UK version)

New Product News (2):

Supra Mains Power Distribution Blocks allow for 2 up to 11 mains power sockets (UK) and a staggering 3 kW load still safe, noise-free and optionally surge protected. We provide for custom tailored filtering for anyone feeling that filters dampen transient respons in powerful power amplifiers and on stock standard variants are always socket one (1) un-filtered and remaining NIF-filtered. Our 8+ blocks provides as standard two un-filtered and remaining NIF-filtered. Our three-way SP-protection is a lavish protective circuitry in order to provide the maximum level of equipment safety. It will keep equipment safe whatever way the surge will enter, while competitors usually satisfy only Live to Zero surges.

The Supra mains blocks are shielded and radiated low levels of electricity generated fields thanks to their aluminium chassis connected to ground potential. The conductive chassis drains the internal interference down to ground and prevents also adjacent RFI and other malicious fields to enter the distribution block. It has to be connected to a grounded wall socket with a mains cable providing ground lead, in order to work properly. The mains cable connecting the mains block to the wall socket and the mains cables to each device should for maximum interference dampening/immunity also be shielded. We recommend our Supra LoRad Mains Flex as the best alternative to combine with our distribution block. If you are new to the field of mains power shielding and filtering, you will undoubtedly notice the difference.

The field leakage from the standard included mains flex to the vast majority of multimedia devices is clearly detectable with our Supra AC Detector;

Just touch the device’s included mains power cable with the AC Detector white tip and you will hear a warning and see the tip rapidly flicker in red to indicate radiating fields from mains power. Now change to a Supra LoRad mains flex and touch the cable with the tip … This field is contagious and will add a 50 – 60 Hertz superimposed signal to any nearby interconnects. Think about what such a mains flex can do to a sub-woofer interconnect; the sub-woofer will play a constant tone of the mains power frequency superimposed on the music or movie signal. Efficient shields are one of Supra’s most important design features, you’ve earned the right to listen to the music only!

The mains block may optionally be custom tailored. As standard, the blocks are configured with one (1) unfiltered socket (the nearest to the mains inlet connector) and the remaining with NIF-filter for the models MD02-BS mk 3 up to MD06-BS Switch mk 3. The longer mains blocks, MD08-BS and up, offer as standard the two (2) first unfiltered and remaining NIF-filtering.

Available: Winter 2017 (UK version)