Art of Noise co-founders JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan are the latest band to be added to the ever-growing line-up for Festival of Sound, the Music and Audio Show’s, concert series. The duo will be in the headline slot at 8pm on Friday 28 September 2018 at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.


The concert series is part of Festival of Sound’s new musical programme that has been put together to showcase multiple musical styles and genres across three days under one roof.

JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan co-founded the Art of Noise with Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn and Paul Morley in 1983 and their new sound, style and approach to experimental pop music resulted in the ground-breaking singles Kiss (ft. Tom Jones), Close (to the Edit), Beat Box and Moments in Love.

They also forged what ITV News described recently as “the art of noise movement” producing and playing on game-changing records by the likes of Malcolm McLaren (Buffalo Gals), Yes (Owner of a Lonely Heart) and Scritti Politti (Absolute).

JJ Jeczalik said, “Part DJ-set, definitely. Part seminar, maybe. Part Q&A, probably. While we continue to reboot AoN’s In Visible Silence in concert with the inimitable Anne Dudley, this is Gary and I jamming the history of the ‘art of noise movement’ live on stage.  Something for everyone, hopefully.”

Gary Langan added “What started off as a one-off DJ set looks like it will flourish into something this audience will remember… Live samples, memory dumps and mash-ups. Deconstructing and reconstructing the original tracks, with themes and stories that blend some highlights of our combined back catalogue. With a lot of heart, and a lot of noise.”

Vernon Hamblin, Festival of Sound producer, adds, “I have been a fan of JJ and Gary’s Art of Noise work for as long as I can remember, so it is a major coup to have them signed up to be the headliner for the Friday night of the concert series. There unique style has helped shape popular music since the early eighties and we look forward to them bringing the audience right into the heart of so many classic records, while showcasing how they pushed the musical boundaries to make some of the most iconic and memorable music of that era.”

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