Ticket prices for the live concerts at Festival of Sound have been dramatically reduced following the news that Yamaha has taken sponsorship of the Festival of Sound Live Music Arena.

Fans of Kokomo, Beth Nielsen Chapman, JJ Jeczalik & Gary Langan (Art of Noise), UNKLE’s James Lavelle & Philip Sheppard, Chris Difford, Antonio Forcione, the Unsung Singers and the London Urban Artists will all benefit from this major sponsorship announcement. Not only have the ticket prices for the headline concerts been reduced, but they also now include complementary access to the Festival of Sound audio show and music and audio seminar presentations.

Darren Sherriff, Yamaha’s sales and marketing director says “We are very excited to be part of this amazing event. Yamaha is proud to support these great artists, live music and the audio industry as a whole. Music takes pride of place in so many people’s lives and the Festival of Sound will offer a fun, engaging and truly memorable musical experience for all visitors.”

Vernon Hamblin, show organiser adds, “We are delighted to be able to announce that Yamaha has been confirmed as the headline sponsor for the 2018 Festival Of Sound. We can’t think of a more fitting sponsor, with Yamaha’s huge involvement in all aspects of music, from the recording studio to living room and in the concert halls, music schools and broadcasters of the world.

“For the music fans hoping to see their favourite artists in concert at Festival of Sound, this generous sponsorship arrangement allows us to subsidise the ticket prices and make them available to an even wider audience. We look forward to welcoming the country’s music lovers to the show.”

In addition to reducing the price of the evening headline concerts, the £10 pre-order day ticket price for the main show now also includes entry to the live music from Chris Difford (Friday), Unsung Singers (Saturday) and Antonio Forcione (Sunday). It has also been possible to include the Queen Bohemian Rhapsody seminar presentation from Gary Lanagan in the Saturday day admission fee, giving Queen fans a unique insight into the recording of this seminal work with no additional outlay required.

James Lavelle and Philip Sheppard now £25 inc. free show entry.
JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan (Art of Noise) now £25 inc. free show entry.
Beth Nielsen Chapman and Kokomo plus special guests now £30 inc. free show entry.

Show entry with free daytime concerts and seminars £10 in advance (£15 on the door).
Tickets can be purchased at the new prices from www.festivalofsound.co.uk/tickets or Tickemaster from 2pm Friday 21stSeptember.

Existing ticket holders are most welcome to have the difference between the currently shown price, and their initial purchase price refunded. To claim a refund, they should email

and include the following information:

Full Name
Order Number
Original Order Amount

Festival of Sound will acknowledge receipt of the email and process the appropriate refund within 21 days.

Please note that all refund requests must be received within 30 days of the event. Closing date for ALL refunds is 31st October 2018.