Nordost has teamed up with high-end audio specialist, Renaissance, for this year’s Festival of Sound. Their showcase of premium audio products, playing a diverse range of tunes, is sure to delight the visitor.

Their performance audio system will feature VPI’s award-winning Prime Signature turntable, the MOON 390 pre-amp/music streamer and MOON 400M power amps. These sublime components will play through Dynaudio’s Special Forty loudspeakers and the connections will be provided by Nordost’s Heimdall 2 cables.

This stunning system will be playing tracks from Renaissance’s eclectic music collection, and their rare box-sets and coloured vinyl will be on display. A full 4G wireless network will be in place so that Tidal tracks can be streamed to their best advantage.

Nordost and Renaissance invite show visitors to come to room D11 Medoc on the second floor, select a tune of their choice, and enjoy powerful performance audio at its finest.