PMC UK Distribution will be using Festival of Sound to launch the first AVM turntables into the UK market, bringing the highly regarded AVM sound quality to the vinyl loving audience.

TheRotation Series turntables fit into the company’s Evolution and Inspiration lines and are AVM’s contribution to the vinyl revival.

The EVOLUTION R 5.3 features an Elipso-Centric Belt Drive with zero tilting moment on the axle and comes with a 10” tonearm also designed by AVM. As with all AVM products, the engineering is cleverly designed and extremely well-built and combines beautifully with the striking aesthetics of the  illuminated blue acrylic platter and aluminium composite frame.

Joining the Inspiration range of products, the INSPIRATION R 2.3 takes advantage of the same technological features invented and engineered for the larger EVOLUTION R 5.3 model. The 9’’ tonearm again is also a proprietary AVM arm and the belt drive a direct spin-off from the advanced design of its Evolution sibling. The R 2.3 utilises a slightly thinner composite frame with and aluminium cover and blue illuminated platter.

AVM is also introducing upgrades to its range of renowned phono stages used in various AVM products. The combination of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise enables AVM to complete its portfolio of products with a range of pure analogue solutions, to satisfy the requirements of fastidious vinyl fans.

Ian Sutton, PMC UK divisional director, welcomes the addition of the AVM turntables, saying, “Since we first introduced the AVM range of products, the reaction from dealers and end-users has been nothing short of phenomenal. With the massive rise in popularity of vinyl among music lovers, it is the perfect time to launch the AVM turntables into the UK and we look forward to sharing them with visitors to Festival of Sound in September.”

Udo Besser, AVM’s owner and General Manager adds,“Designing technologically high-end analogue sources has been a long-term wish and ambition of mine. The ideas have been worked on at my desk for quite some time and I am very excited to be able to bring them into production for lovers of vinyl music to enjoy.”

Visit PMC in the Mouton Cadet Suite at Festival of Sound, 28-30 September 2018, Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London.