Renaissance Audio is delighted to be showcasing a wide selection of its audio products at the Indulgence Show. Renaissance’s goal is to bring the listener closer to the real music experience and the products they are showcasing certainly do this.

Ground-breaking technologies, an acute attention to detail and quality, and a daring disregard for convention are what make Renaissance’s hi-fi systems stand out. All the products that Renaissance Audio will be demonstrating at the Indulgence Show have been hand-picked for these characteristics.

Turntables from the US masters of vinyl replay, VPI, will impress all music lovers. There will be the first opportunity to see and hear the new VPI Player, a striking high-end all-in-one turntable – no amp necessary! VPI’s award-winning Prime Scout and Prime Signature turntables will also be on demonstration.

The Moon Neo range from Canadian high-end audio specialist, Simaudio, is set to be one of the show’s highlights. The MiND network player, the new 240i integrated amplifier and the extraordinary ACE all-in-one system will be ready for visitors to listen to in Renaissance’s room at the show.

Studio Connections BLACK STAR cables will provide the links to create an astonishing system, and the mighty KEF Reference loudspeakers will deliver the music.