House of Lovely Stuff, a new unconventional home and lifestyle brand, is set to launch ‘Union’, its first signature line of exclusive, bespoke designs, at The Indulgence Show from 29 September 1- October 2017 at the Novotel Conference Centre, Hammersmith. Its founders are introducing the art of a lovely life through their very limited edition collection that promises an eclectic style, which combines textures, bold patterns, geometric shapes and vivid colours with traditional tailoring.

Visitors attending the Pure Pleasure area of The Indulgence Show will discover the essence of ‘Union’, which harmonises different ideas, fabrics and textures and draws from a love of art, design, theatre, fashion, period costumes and music. Over the course of the three days, the brand will display a wide range of its portfolio which currently boasts cushions, mix ’n’ match napkins, tea towels, bags, totes, beach rugs, blankets and multifunctional make-up bags/pencil cases.

At the event, founders Andy and Joanne Bolter will showcase how a personal, bespoke approach to their handmade collection can allow people to embrace being as brave or as plain as they like, while enjoying the high quality of their work and its refined details.

Vernon Hamblin, producer of The Indulgence Show, says, “This event has given us the opportunity to enhance people’s wellbeing but also to discover amazing brands which follow no design rules and create art-forms for an everyday life. House of Lovely Stuff does exactly this, and we’re honoured to be chosen as its debut show. We already share their enthusiasm and passion and we’re sure that our audience will do just the same.”