Live Music

GuitarFest – live music

Chablis Stage September 30, 2018 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Guitarfest brings together a number of guitarists from different genres, showing their skills and passion and the versatility of the guitar.

Edison Herbert is a fine soulful expressive guitarist who produces a very distinctive sound with stylish delivery. He has worked with various artists over the years and his most recent experiences include being mentored by the great George Benson.

Martin Jackson started playing jazz standards taught to him by his father in the early 60s. Like most guitarists at the time, he was influenced by Hank Marvin and Duane Eddy and played pop and rock music in local bands.

James Ford will be familiar to visitors to the show over the past two years. Ibanez artists, James will be bringing his virtuoso style to the Guitarfest.

Please note that all event times may be subject to change. Please check with our staff on show entry.