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We had a great time. See you next year!

Scott Berry

The Festival of Sound is a unique event, and will continue to be, because it's essential...bringing together music and Hi-Fi...wow!

Chris Kimsey
Producer, Rolling Stones

You've got a lot of personalities, high profile people here...really great for us.

Peter Thomas

It's all about the music, the entertainment, the joy and emotion that music brings.

Ron Locke

A real variety...it's all happening! They love it...there's something here for everyone.

Vince Dunn

It's a holistic thing, from live music, all the way through to how you hear.

Tessa Niles

We can't do it without the technology, so it all has to fit together.

Gina Foster

You want your music to sound like it did at the concert...and you realise there are so many things that need to be done.

Max Townshend
Townshend Audio

I really enjoyed taking part in such a wonderful event. Thank you for inviting me.

Antonio Forcione
Jazz Guitarist

I came here to do PROPER demonstrations...contact with people is the most important thing.

Ken Ishiwata
Marantz Brand Ambassador

...we can demonstrate the products, we can answer questions - you can look, touch, feel the music.

John Reddington
Big Red Sales

These people are not just fans of products, they're fans of music - in whatever way it's delivered to them.

Ron Locke

It's a show! It's not about listening with serious faces to Hi-Fi. I think people sometimes forget this is an entertainment industry.

Peter Thomas

Who better to talk to than the manufacturers? We live & breathe this stuff 24/7.

John Reddington
Big Red Sales

You guys were fabulous! Thank you! x

Nina Ralfini
Manager, U.N.K.L.E

It was wonderful to be there around all of your smiles and many grooves...

Chris Difford
Musician/Songwriter (Squeeze)

The show has a lot of value for brands like ours. We needed to be seen and heard, and this event allows us to do that.

Audio Manufacturer (Stax)

The live music element I thought was especially good.

Mike Bonnette
Connected Distribution

Outstanding job...the combination of live acts, seminars along with a well thought-out hi-fi show worked, and offered something for everyone.

Jay Garrett

It's definitely got that "show to be at" vibe that will see more exhibitors next year.

Paul Hawkins
Diverse Vinyl

It was a great show...fantastic sound, brilliant lighting, and the band had a great time on stage.

Sue Martin
Roots Around The World

I can honestly say the Festival of Sound is the most enjoyable show of the year, and I wish you every success going forward.

David Shevyn
GIK Acoustics

The show has gone from strength to strength over the past few years...we are looking forward to Festival of Sound 2019.

Lin Smith
Hi-Fi Pig
The show was a great success for us, and our positioning was perfect. Count us in for next year.
Peter Bevir
Russ Andrews
A great show run by awesome and genuinely lovely people. Absolutely worth doing.
Anthony Bunn-Major
This is a great show...an event that has it all for music lovers.
Alan Sircom
Definitely a big step forward!
Mark Dolbear