Wilson Benesch will form an all British High-End audio alliance in the Sauternes Suite with Trilogy Audio Systems and Computer Audio Design, placing the Resolution loudspeaker, which just scooped the Absolute Sounds coveted ‘Golden Ear Award’ at the heart of proceedings.

The floorstanding Resolution features proprietary drive technology, designed, manufactured and hand-built by Wilson Benesch, in a 2.5-way design. Based in Sheffield, over 30-years Wilson Benesch has gradually emerged as the pre-eminent force in British loudspeaker design on the global stage. The multi-award winning Geometry Series – from which the Resolution hails – distils the contemporary design approach that has cemented this position. Manufactured entirely in-house using State-of-the-Art materials science and technology, namely carbon fibre composites and metal alloys, Resolution is a technological tour-de-force. Its unique sonic presentation is effortlessly natural in character, rich and nuanced in a way that engages the listener in the music, allowing momentarily at least the loudspeaker to disappear entirely.