For those who opt to spend their money on experiences rather than material possessions, Brown + Hudson, a British bespoke travel company which creates exclusively crafted, richer travel stories, will be making its debut at the upcoming Indulgence Show. Created around the disruptive, re-imagined vision of inveterate traveller and founder Philippe Brown, the brand is redefining luxury travel through immersive journeys which focus on the deep understanding of its discerning, ultra-high net worth clientele.

Visitors attending London’s newest lifestyle entertainment event (September 29 – October 1 2017, Novotel Conference Centre, Hammersmith) will have the opportunity to indulge their passion for experiential travel with a different approach. At Brown + Hudson’s stand, the advisors will inspire consumers to fantasise about a personally crafted trip which can become a life-changing journey; from strolling through a renowned art collection with the curator to putting a mountain bike into a helicopter and uncovering an unexplored valley. You are the focus and the sky isn’t the limit.

Over the three-day event, Brown + Hudson will present its sought-after travel concepts which include The Great Game (modern-day cultural treasure hunt), Luxpedition (bespoke expeditions with moments of extreme comfort), Esoterica (the pursuit of secrets known only to an initiated minority) or The Lives of Others (insights into a different human perspective).

Vernon Hamblin, producer of The Indulgence Show, says, “Brown + Hudson’s ethos for redefining luxury experiences aligns perfectly with what we are aiming to offer consumers at The Indulgence Show, so we’re delighted to welcome the brand on board. We’re looking forward to discovering the trips designed for our visitors as we’re sure they’ll be exclusively crafted and will make lasting legacies.”

The Indulgence Show is created to appeal to discerning consumers with high disposable income. Indulging visitors’ curiosity for discovering and interacting with new lifestyle and home entertainment brands, the show will, once again, be divided into three zones: ‘Pure Pleasure’, which will satisfy consumers’ passion for high quality indulgent products such as cars and recreational vehicles, bespoke travel services, home furnishings and accessories, bags, totes, bespoke Book and Music Merch resellers  and more; headroom™, which will brandish the largest range of headphones and portable audio in the UK; and Audio London, which will present a wide variety of hi-fi, audio and home entertainment solutions.