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The show concept

A music show AND an audio show

Festival of Sound showcases the wonderful audio journey that music takes – from live performance, to studio production, to playback on a great hi-fi system or portable audio player.


Regardless of what technology you choose to achieve each step, ultimately it’s ALL about the music.

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Everything starts with the live performance – from the largest stadium show to the smallest intimate club venue, it’s all about the music we love to hear, the artists we connect with, and the performances we love to experience.

Festival of Sound features a whole host of live performances from talented artists across the four days, including solo buskers, small ensembles, special guests, plus three major headline gigs.


The live recording is mixed, treated and blended by audio professionals in the studio environment, striving always to retain that authentic quality which made the original performance such a special, unique experience.

Festival of Sound offers a platform for pro audio brands to showcase their products, from instruments and sound generation components, to microphones, outboard audio treatments, and studio software.

The show also features interviews & seminars with industry insiders, producers and sound engineers, all talking about their work in the music business.


The final mixdown is mastered onto a variety of reproduction formats (digital file, CD, vinyl) and can be played through a huge variety of high fidelity audio systems – from headphones & portable audio, to beautiful room-filling multi-channel Hi-Fi and stunning home cinema systems.

Festival of Sound brings together the world’s best manufacturers and distributors of audio/visual entertainment systems, all showcasing their unique approaches to quality reproduction.

The show also runs educational talks to de-mystify Hi-Fi, explaining what each component is for, how to connect them, and how best to get the sound you desire.