We are delighted to announce the world debut of the new Vertere D-Groove Record Player.

The D-Groovehas been in design and development for over three years and due for worldwide release in November 2018.

At the heart of this amazing record player is the new Motor Drive, directly derived from our Reference RG-1 Motor Drive circuit. The RG-1 was introduced in July 2018 and revolutionised record player motor control and performance.

Utilising the exact Motor incorporated in our MG-1, SG-1 & RG-1 ‘Groovies’ Players and controlled by the unique new Motor Drive circuit has provided this entry level record player with a performance second to none.

Combined with a super precision bearing, platter, pulley and a new exceptional design tonearm, the D-Groove boasts performance that is way beyond its class.

Add to this aesthetics to die for and we have a record player which will do justice to any vinyl spun on it.

Elles Springs & Mark de Graw will be coming over from Holland for this year’s show. Every day they will perform two half hour acoustic sessions and will be available to sign their first vinyl album and CD ‘REVEAL’.

Also attending the show will be Joe Donnelly of CAEZAR who will also be available to chat and sign their new vinyl album and CD ‘TIME’.