The magic and artistry of Peter Gabriel’s work will spearhead the talk being presented by Tony Cousins, the world-renowned mastering engineer from Metropolis Mastering for over 23 years, who will be providing visitors at The Indulgence Show, London’s newest lifestyle entertainment event, with first-hand accounts of what his job are how he enhances the work of the biggest musicians and bands in the world.

His talk is part of the event’s ‘Inside Track’ seminar programme and he will offer an insight into the work that he remastered in a huge, meticulously handled project and the working partnership he had with Dickie Chappell, Peter Gabriel’s personal sound engineer at his Real World Studios, during the development.

He will also be delving into topics including the inception of Metropolis Mastering and his job working at the largest studio facility in Europe and remastering tracks from legends of music including Peter Gabriel.

Vernon Hamblin, producer of The Indulgence Show, says, “Tony is well known within the music industry for his work at Metropolis and we are delighted to have him signed up for the event. Having him alongside other well-known industry figures as part of the Inside Track series highlights the show’s aim of providing insightful talks and seminars that the visitors can attend throughout the show. We look forward to him opening the doors to Metropolis studios on Friday 29th September 2017 as well as telling us some stories of what it is like working there on a day to day basis and with some of the biggest legends in music.”